Leading-edge prenatal heartbeat monitoring in the palm of your hand.

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Prenatal heartbeat monitoring

Taffee lets you listen to your little one's heartbeats while still in the womb. At its heart is a proprietary method for reliable detection and separation of heartbeats from noisy audio.



Taffee uses a microphone sensor which is noninvasive, perfectly safe to be applied often and it even sounds more natural than an ultrasound.



Our computational approach lets tiny heartbeats come through from behind a very noisy environment, often many times louder than baby's heart sound.

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Taffee lets you have your recordings organized and reproduced at the push of a button. You can also easily share them with your close ones.

Time-tested method backed up by state-of-the-art signal processing

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Noninvasive sensing

Noninvasive Sensing

Taffee uses a passive microphone sensor inspired by Pinard's horn. It only collects audible sound and no ultrasound waves are emitted, which is why you can safely use it to complement your regular checkups.

Blind source separation

Source Separation

Tiny heartbeats are very gentle. What makes them even more difficult to hear are other sound sources coming from an expectant mother's belly - a very lively ambient indeed. Our algorithm is caringly engineered and adapted to separate heart signal from strong and erratic sources of noise.

Decision making

Low Fall-out

Carefully designed to have low false positive rate, Taffee reliably detects presence of tiny heartbeats and will automatically tell you when you will have found the sweet spot.

Realtime signal processing


Taffee processes sound signal as it streams into your mobile, on your mobile, and no network connection is required. Even more so, switching off the mobile antenna is highly recommended when using the app.

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